In Partnership with Regacy, we offer startup companies access to funding and mentoring (venture capital & angel investing…)

Cerviced and Regacy’s objective is to invest in small and medium sized companies with high potential growth and the ability to scale up seamlessly and have attractive unit economics. Our purpose is to invest in a talented group of people who place the customer first. We invest in all kind of businesses and different type of industries from Finance, Information and Communication Technology, Digital Content, Industrial and Product Design, and Software companies.

Mission: Our plan is to invest in good, growing businesses; we aim to incubate, mentor, scale and host these businesses with our dedicated team  of professionals in order to maximize the value of the company.

“Ultimately, if the businesses are successful, our investment will be successful”

We offer consultation services such as:

  • Setting the right business structure by offering a business plan
  • Help with the recruitment of candidates that have the potential of representing your product or business in the right image, assisted by our professional team (Sales training will be provided if needed )
  • Assistance with office Administration and all HR tasks.
  • Setting a sales target a detailed based on Market Study research.
  • Help with the exposure of your product (structure set for social media and Google ads)
  • Identify Keys to grow your business (not only traditional ways), but also look into tools that enhance marketing your business.
  • Provide companies with best insurance rates.
  • Finally, help you find investor that are interested in your business after achievements done during the first year.

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